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My Raptor with Mark
My Nephew Examining My Velociraptor Prop Rework in 2004
first haunted house prop was actually one of the HEDZ - a head only prop that was used in the Huron Area Jaycees Haunted House in 1991. The HEDZ became their own entities when I took them commercial, however, so if you want to read about them, you have to see the HEDZ Horror Props Page. When I get involved with the Wyandotte Jaycees, I did so to create a room to showcase the HEDZ (1993). The next year, I ran a Haunted House for the Wyandotte Jaycees that a movie theme. We tried to create rooms that were original, designed around or inspired by scenes from movies. As a result, I found myself requiring some very particular larger props. I enjoyed the results, so I've continued to make large-scale props for them ever since.

The early props were fairly simple. They primarily involved taking a head I created in my studio and adding it to a body created using foam and clothing. As I learned to work with better and more substantial materials, I became more comfortable with more complex props. I also learned how to feature the props in such a way that the worker wouldn't accidentally (or intentionally, in some cases) destroy them. Many of the props appearing on these pages exist in the form shown any longer. Some of them I disassembled, others were simply destroyed.

Mark's Haunted House Prop Pages

Bob - Half Body Prop
Bob (1994)
Silence of the Lambs Guard Prop
Silence of the Lambs (1994)
Industrial Accident Prop
Industrial Accident (1996)
Female Cyborg Prop
Female Cyborg (2001)

Bat Thing Prop
Bat Thing (2002)
Velociraptor Prop
Velociraptor (2004)
Skeleton Tree Prop
Skeleton Tree (2007)
Skeleton Scarecrow Prop
Scarecrow (2010)

Undead Pirate Haunt (2005)

Drunken Pirate Prop
Drunken Pirate
Jack the Monkey Prop
Jack the Monkey
Pirate Prisoner Prop
Pirate Prisoner
Pirate Haunt Light
Pirate Light

Skeleton Garden (2013)

The Skeleton Garden Prop
Skeleton Garden Prop
Skeleton Garden Flowers
Skeleton Flowers
Skeleton Garden Skeletons
Actual Skeletons
Skeleton Garden Tree
Skeleton Tree

Other Props

Brain Gremlin Model
Brain Gremlin Model